16 Sortable Table Techniques

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Tabular data in table form is a regular technique on web sites and web applications for represent data and information. Therefore, a sortable, selectable and paging table can help you manipulate and show all the complex data effectively. Here is the list of useful sortable table techniques with DHTML, Javascripts and AJAX. Click the thumbnails to see live demo immediately.

Nofunc Table Organize – can re-organize the rows and columns and have a very nice looking. Recommended!
nofunc table

TableKit – based on Prototype framework and each table content is editable.

Brixontech Table Sort – a paging and sorting Ajax table with detailed tutorials for installation.

Sortable Selectable Zebra Table – the selectable function is really useful, recommended.

Kryogenix Sortable – its advanced usage included total rows, unsortable and custom sort keys.

Sorting HTML Tables with Javascript – is an extendable, unobtrusive and cross-browser compatible table.

SortedTable by Marko Mrdjenovic – can disallow selects by clicking the selected row and highlighting over.

DhtmlXGrid – based on Ajax-enabled JavaScript, clickable, resizeable and draggable columns.

Unobtrusive Table Sort
frequency decoder

Ajax Table – can split table on several pages and offers searching function.

Phatfusion Sortable Table – a filtering and searchable table script.

Standardista Table Sorting – works at major web browsers and can sort IP addresses.
Standardista Table Sorting

GridView3 – each row with expandable detail and checkbox.

Mootable Sorting Table – simple and elegant with hovering effect.


Joostdevalk Sortable Table – only one Javascript is required.


1. Simple TableSorter – a table plugin for jQuery.js library.
2. Unobtrusive Sortable Table – designed by Dhtmlgoodies.
3. Dhtml Large Table – another sortable table.
4. Javascripttoolbox Table
5. Sorting Things – based on objSort.js by thomasfrank.
6. Brainjar Table Sort – simple table script, right click at demo page for source code.
7. Table Sorter by Neil Fraser – based on Javascript and DHTML.
8. Refining Data Tables – by Luke Wroblewski.
9. Tom-mack Table Sorting – based on Prototype.js library.
10. Drag & Drop Sortable Listing – a new way of sorting table.
11. Sortable HTML Table – a unobtrusive table.
12. Learning jQuery: Better Interaction Design and Web Development – by Karl Swedberg.
13. JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook – by Danny Goodman.

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