22 Code Snippets for Creating Decent Charts

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A new day a new list. Today we would focus on using CSS and Javascript techniques to create awesome and useful charts, graphs, bar charts, pie charts or diagrams. Almost all of the snippets are made freely available and only need simple CSS and Javascript knowledge. Thanks all the respectable web developers and designers. Now, it’s time to create a chart for your blogs!

CSS For Bar Graphs – good looking, only need pure XHTML and CSS only.

Webfx Charts – can create stacked area, line and bar.
Webfx Charts

CSSPlay Bar Charts – is compatible with major browsers.
A definition list bar chart by CSSPlay

Canvas 3D Graph – based on excanvas Javascript, works well at FireFox and Safari.
Canvas 3D Graph

CSS Line Graphs
CSS Line Graphs

Accessible Bar Chart
An accessible bar chart

Dojo Charting Engine – let you create complex charts easily.
Dojo Charting

PlotKit Chart Plotting – a chart and graph plotting library for Javascript.
PlotKit Javascript Chart Plotting

Plotr Charts – lightweight charting framework.
Plotr charts

AJAX Mgraph – based on Prototype Javascript.
Ajax Graph based on Prototype.js

Terrill Vertical Bar Graphs – CSS and PHP techniques are required.
Terrill Vertical Bar Graphs

CSS Vertical Bar Graphs – typical vertical bar graph, right click to see the source code.
CSS Vertical Bar Graphs

Dynamic Pie Chart with CSS – creating a semi-dynamic pie chart.
Dynamic Pie Chart with CSS

Khmerang Bar Graphs – awesome gold!
Khmerang Bar Graphs

Chronoscope Interactive Chart – works at Firefox and Safari.
Chronoscope Interactive Chart

jQuery Chart – based on jQuery Javascript library.
jQuery Chart

Dynamic Drive Pie Graph – simple pie graph, created by DynamicDrive.
Dynamic Drive Pie Graph

Dynamic Drive Line Graph – simple line graph, also created by DynamicDrive.
Dynamic Drive Line Graph

Complex CSS Bar Graph – designed by ApplesToOranges.
tn_CSS For Bar Graphs_1186462093011

Canvas Graph – similar with PlotKit Chart Plotting.
Canvas Graph

CSS Bar Graphs – basic bar graph.
CSS bar graphs

Maxdesign Percentage Graph
Maxdesign Percentage Graph

More related links and resources…

High Performance JavaScript Vector Graphics Library – draw circles, ellipses, oblique lines, polylines and polygons dynamically into a web page.
High Performance JavaScript Vector Graphics Library
Create A Graph Classic – simple online graph generator.
FooPlot – online graphing calculator and plotter.
Flowchart – free to create charts online.
CSS Bar Graphs and Charts
Ejschart – powerful Javascript chart, commerical only.
Amcharts – free version will display a small link on charts.
Create cross browser vector graphics – by Dylan Schiemann @ ThinkVitamin.

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