25 Popular Color Scheme and Palette Generators

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This is another roundup for online color scheme and palette generators. I categorize these useful tools by scheme, palette and miscellaneous. Choosing a suitable color at a suitable place is extremely important when you design web sites. For example, CSS Juice mainly use white and gray for body and black for header and footer. This is because the site is also prepared for website showcase so the light background can flare the galleries.

Color Scheme Generators

WellStyled Color Scheme Generator – generator of color schemes and palettes to create well balanced and harmonic web pages.

ColorJack – multiple online color scheme generators used by designers.

Colorschemer Online Version 2

4096 Color Wheel – hover over the color wheel to generate the scheme.
4096 Color Wheel

Genopal Online – online harmonious color schemes creator.

Unsafe Colormatch – create 24-bit color schemes online.

Color Mixers – RGB remixing tool.

Transparent PNG Generator – create transparent PNG images in any color.

Colordb – powerful color scheme generator.

Not enough? See also…
Colr – generate color from your own images or flickr.
ColorMatch Redux – simple color scheme generator.
ColorToy 2.0 – flash color schemer.
Visibone Colorlab – simple color wheel.
Dhtmlgoodies Color Schemer
Triplecode Munsell Palette – cool flash-based color picker.
Colorsontheweb – offers various color tools.
Gpeters – instant color scheme from Yahoo images.

Color Palette Generators

ColorHunter – new color palette generator from images.

Color Blender – free online color palette for design and matching.

Swatchify – easily create and share your color palette.

Jrm Color Palette Generator – generate a color palette based on an image.

Not enough? See also…
Degraeve – color palette generator from images.
Slayeroffice – simple color palette creator.
I+Like+Your+Colors – web pages color palette generator.
Bighugelabs – create a harmonious color palette from a photo.


Colourlovers – well-know community, resources and color trend for color lovers.

ColorCell – finding the most pleasing color combinations.

Colorcombos – web color combinations testing tool for web developers.

IDEO Web Color Visualizer – background and font color comparison tool.

Kolur – color palette gallery.

Typetester – online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen.

Not enough? See also…
Kuler – quickly create harmonious color themes online.
Daily Color Scheme – daily color scheme based on websites.
Whats Its Color – evaluate an image and give you the image’s complementary dominant colors.
Colrpickr – search Flickr photos based on their color.

Further Reading

1. Understanding color in design – by Dustin Brewer
2. Color Theory for Developers – by Jon Shemitz
3. Secrets of Web Color Revealed – by Color Harmony
4. The Power of Color – by Pegie Stark Adam
5. Choosing color combinations – by Veerle
6. Complete Color Matching Guide – worth to read.
7. Color Design Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design – by Noreen Morioka and Terry Stone Sean Adams

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