5 Popular CSS Speech Bubbles

If you can create a stunning comment style at your blogs, obviously it may more easily attract readers to comment at your blogs. And bubbles style is one of the most popular styles and widely use by some popular bloggers. When i researched the topic on Google and other major search engines, i can not find any similar posts about that. Anyway, below is the top five CSS bubble snippets that you can use it to beauty your blogs and i also attach some links at bottom for further reading. Let me know if you own any nice designs of bubble comment and i can feature them here. Thanks.

CSS Speech Bubbles by WillMayo – the most popular one, based on Javascript, work at IE 6 & 7, Firefox 2.0, Safari 2.0, Opera 9.0

CSS only speech bubbles – support all major modern browsers and Javascript free, created by CSSPlay
tn_Stu Nicholls - CSSplay - CSS speech bubbles_1186405330041

XHTML Speech bubble comments
XTHML Speech bubble

Pure CSS Speech Bubbles
Pure CSS Speech Bubbles

Fluid CSS Speech Bubbles – corner images are required.
Fluid CSS Speech Bubbles

Further Reading

Useful speech bubble gray outlines resources.
Another style of CSS speech bubbles.
Tutorials about how to easily create speech bubbles in photoshop.
Comment style showcase by Smileycat.

10 thoughts on “5 Popular CSS Speech Bubbles

  1. Nice list and good variety. Personally I prefer making my own but I am sure these are all easily altered. It’s isn’t hard to do either. As expected I like the top one but I try and avoid javascript.

  2. hello, Paul, nice to hear you here.
    it is better to round corners using pure CSS.
    Dennison, don’t forget to subscribe blog feeds to get updates, thanks for support.

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