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Normally, i am not keen on featuring any new WordPress themes release news particularly commercial themes except the professional one such as Brian Gardner Revolution theme. Small Potato at Wpdesigner today released a premium WordPress theme – Showcase. Here is my first impression and simple review about the first paid gallery showcase WordPress theme in the internet (Note: please correct me if i am wrong).

1. Flexible layout that allows 3 to 6 columns gallery layouts.
2. Mouse over hover menu that enables visitors easily rating or comment.
3. 5 default color schemes style are available, includes white, cherry cheesecake, dark, neutral and neutral blue.
4. Custom support via forum or email (mentioned at comment section by the author), anyway it is necessary.
5. Minimalism style.

1. Oops, where is the logo?
2. The sidebar is too simple and seems no style.
3. Too expensive, personally i don’t think it is a reasonable price (single domain license $70) for bulk sale.
4. No guarantee to free upgrade for exist customers in the future.

Anyway, is it the end day of website gallery showcase once the Showcase theme released? There are more than hundred of competitors in the field. How can you stand out among the crowd who currently have hundreds or thousands loyal readers? You should think about it before involve in the swamp.


4 thoughts on “CSS Gallery Showcase WordPress Theme

  1. Thanks for plugging Showcase!

    I’d like to address some of the suggested improvements.

    1 & 2: Like many other themes I’ve done that were meant to be used by many people, I kept the design of this theme very… generic. There’s a thin line between keeping things very flexible and being too plain so I can understand if you feel that the design of the initial release wasn’t up to par with other premium themes.

    What I wanted to do was create something like the Sandbox theme, but for web galleries.

    3. Some of my readers actually told me to raise the price a bit. Like I mentioned in one of my comments, considering a poorly made theme by Template Monster for example is around $60, $70 for a theme like Showcase (which I also believe is the first of its kind to be sold) isn’t expensive.

    4. I didn’t mention it in the initial release, but each purchase comes with one full year of unlimited updates and Showcase is an ongoing project. I made sure each customer was aware of that.

    Basically, Showcase is like the Sandbox theme for web galleries. And because Showcase is still in its early stages, there are lots of stuff to change, add, and take-away from. And considering the typical price for an average premium (paid) theme is around $50-60 and take into account what Showcase actually does for you, I don’t think $70 is expensive.

  2. Also, it’s true that there are many web galleries out there already, but not many focus on a specific niche. Most of them typically tries to compete with CSSRemix and CSSMania. That’s just not a smart thing to do if you’re managing the gallery by yourself.

    Go niche like the Light On Dark gallery :)

  3. Honest, it is a good news that you develop a showcase wordpress theme that no one did before, and the conclusion aims to the whole gallery showcase field only. Be cool!

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