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First i heard about self review from BloggingTips, it is a good idea for young blog as normally you would not promote your blogs by paid review or ads until it has enough content. After one week i launched CSS Juice, it is a good time to do a brief self review.


CSS juice featured on deliciousTwo days ago i made the right decision to move my current stats counter to Reinvigorate, one of the best counters in the internet. Actually i got the invited account a few months ago and haven’t used it at all. The perfect interface and design of Reinvigorate is one of my favorite two stat counters, another is Mint. And the traffic mostly came from social bookmarks sites and some design communities. It is exciting that 25 Rounded Corners Techniques with CSS got nearly 600 bookmarks from delicious within 4 days and was featured on the homepage yesterday. It not only help to grow the traffic for CSS Juice and also the target readers. A part of them came from other blogs that quoted my popular posts like 25 Cool Portfolios with Minimalism Design and 20 Popular CSS Online Tools and Generators. The traffic is growing every day from hundreds to thousands.


Here is the total feed stats chart from Feed Burner within these few days. The stats of subscribers is increasing daily and i really appreciate you to subscribe my juicy blog feeds to help CSS Juice growth. Up to now, my short term goal is to get my first 1000 subscribers within 3 months. No doubt, it is not a easy target and i will do all my best .


At CSS Juice, you will only find all the useful and valuable informative design content, and i always open mind to hear from your voice. And you know there are a lot of CSS resources or lists, so i will not post any similar content except i think mine is better. Besides, another thing i want to mention is that all materials are researched and selected by heart. Bulk list is meaningless so i will not write any posts that title like “Best 100 XXX” or “1000 XXX”, because i trust selection and filter are necessary to make quality posts for readers. Lastly, probably mostly of you here are new, please consider to subscribe my blog feeds to get updates daily.

3 thoughts on “First Brief Self Review of

  1. 1,000 subscribers is definately ambitious, I reckon if you get half that you should be very pleased with yourself :):)

    What methods have you been using to promote your blog?

    Best of luck with your blog :)

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